My name is Michelle Norman and I'm a professional photographer with fifteen years’ experience taking extraordinary portraits. I graduated from Brooks Institute, a world-renowned professional photography college in Santa Barbara, Calif. I am currently located in the San Francisco Bay area.

I've always loved capturing the expression and emotion of my subjects, so that my portraits tell their story. I specialize in capturing the amazing energy in children to help them shine. I work with parents who would like to see their children in the entertainment industry, taking stunning portraits that capture their unique essence and help them to reach their highest potential.. I also specialize in photographing women who want to showcase their inner glow and unique beauty.

In order to capture gorgeous images, I prioritize excellent communication and planning between my client and myself. It is incredibly important to me that my clients feel comfortable sharing what they’re hoping and dreaming to come out with at the end of our photo shoots. If you're the parent and your child is the subject, I want to know how I can make you and your child feel comfortable in the process. I am committed to taking photographs you will love and feel proud of! Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business, I believe that great creativity is the result of team effort, which is why I highly value working closely with my clients to achieve the results they want and need.

Let's talk about whether working together is a good fit! Please get in in touch by e-mailing me at [email protected]. I’d also love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!